Angel of music

"Is something troubling you, child?" the Voice asked.

"Yes, I answered, "Carlotta was driven off by the Phantom, and they want me to take her place. If I don't agree, then we may not be able to pay for the Opera House, as the Phantom's salary is due,"

"And why do you tell me of this?"

"Because I wish to ask of your permission to sing for them. I thought it wrong to go ahead and sing, which would be like taking the credit for a gift given to me,"

"My dear child," the Voice said gently, "do you recall the harp your grandfather gave you when you were five?"

"Yes," I answered, remembering. My grandfather gave me that little golden for my birthday. I had played that harp until my fingers bled.

"That harp was given to you, and you played it well before lessons were even given to you. The lessons were just to guide you in the right direction.

"It is the same with your singing lessons. I am here to give you guidance in your music and in your problems, as I was sent here to guard you and to guide you.

"Even when I look at it that way, I am pleased by your integrity. You are a good, honest girl, and I shall allow you to sing to-night. Give to Man a little Music of Heaven, child."

"Thank you," I stood from the dressing table. My dress squeezed my middle tightly, and I winced. It was really killing me.

"Hold on," the Voice sounded alarmed. "Is that dress very uncomfortable? You look in very much pain."

"It is very tight," I admitted, "and it is very hard to sit down and stand up easilly."

"Change into your dressing gown for the time being," the Voice ordered, "and I shall make certain that your dress for to-night does not hurt you."

"Bless you, Angel," I sighed, "bless you."